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The Center’s medical services include laboratory and clinical examinations, consultations with a general practitioner, consultations with various professionals in referral medical clinics, medication treatment and special physiotherapy procedures.

The Center keeps all medical documentation for its clients and guarantees their confidentiality.

Medical rehabilitation process implies provision of services at the center’s premises as well as referring clients to specialized medical institutions for additional examinations.

Based on multidisciplinary approach, medical rehabilitation involves the following activities:

      • Initial medical consultation, somatic and psychosomatic diagnosis in the center.

      • Referrals to medical institutions for laboratory examination, specialist’s consultation, diagnostic and treatment purposes.

      • Referrals within the center. In particular, supporting and preparing clients for involvement in psycho rehabilitation process.

      • Treatment process management- provision of medication, control examinations, if necessary repetition of the treatment.

      • Physiotherapy services.

      • In case of psychosomatic disorder, provision of complex treatment.